U.S. M3A1 Half-Track - Normandy, 1944 D-Day Commemorative Series (1:32) (New Package)

U.S. M3A1 Half-Track - Normandy, 1944 D-Day Commemorative Series (1:32) (New Package)

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U.S. M3A1 Half-Track - Normandy, 1944 D-Day Commemorative Series (1:32nd Scale) 

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81009 U.S. M3A1 Half-Track - Normandy, 1944 D-Day Commemorative Series (1:32)
The Carrier, Personnel Half-Track M3 was an armored vehicle used by the United States, the British Empire and the other Allies during World War II.  Nearly 43,000 were produced and supplied to the U.S. Army and Marines, as well as British Commonwealth and Soviet Red Army forces, serving on all fronts throughout the war.  Between the world wars, the U.S. Army sought to improve the tactical mobility of its forces.  With the goal of finding a high-mobility infantry vehicle, the M3 was developed.

The M3 was the larger counterpart to the M2 Half Track Car. The M2 was originally intended to function as an artillery tractor.  The M3 had a longer body than the M2 with a single access door in the rear and seating for a 13-man rifle squad.  Ten seats were arranged down either side of the vehicle, with three in the cab. Racks under the seats were used for ammunition and rations; additional racks behind the seat backs held the squad's rifles and other stowage.  A small rack for mines was added on the outside of the hull just above the tracks.  In combat, most units found it necessary to stow additional food, rucksacks and other crew stowage on the outside of the vehicle.  Luggage racks were often added in the field, and very late vehicles had rear-mounted racks for this crew stowage.  Early vehicles had a pintle mount just behind the front seats mounting a .50-caliber (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine gun.  The later M3A1 adopted a raised, armored 'pulpit mount' for the .50-caliber, and .30-caliber (7.62 mm) machine guns could be used from mounts along the sides of the passenger compartment.  Many M3s were later modified to the M3A1 standard.  The body was armored all around, with an adjustable armored shutter for the engine's radiator and a bulletproof windscreen.



  • Constructed of both die cast metal and plastic.
  • Hood and cab are metal.
  • Rubber tires and vinyl tracks.
  • Rotating wheels.
  • Includes one driver and three infantry figures and a machine gun.
  • Accurate markings and insignia.
  • Comes with assorted accessories.
  • New packaging for 2012, no ties or screws, double blister construction.

Length: 8 inches

Width: 3.2 inches

Height: 3.5 inches  

Weight: 0.57 lb.

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Dimensions: 8x3.2x3.5
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